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The world's first 3-way automated contact sharing smart business card.

Meet and network with business associates in a
whole new way.

How it works

Make an impression that's worthy of
your reputation.

Designed Your Way

Have your own Smart Card unique designed for yourself or your organisation. Upload your design to us, and express your brand template free.

Instant Contact Sharing

Establish relationships easily by sending your contact directly to be saved on their phones, while at the same time saving theirs for future references.

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NFC Smart Cards

Save on printing costs while creating a strong impression by presenting your e-business profile directly to your prospects' smartphone.

E-business Profile

Display more information about your corporate profile, experience and social media links on your on web-based profile.

The world's first 3-way contact sharing business card - powered by WhatsApp.

Empowering freelancers, self-employed and businesses alike.

Centralised ClearCard CRM
Centralised ClearCard CRM

Make filing paper business cards a thing of the past. By networking with ClearCard Smart Cards, every Interaction is recorded securely in your CRM system.

Connect Immediately
Connect Immediately

The automated WhatsApp AR immediately notifies users of new contacts as soon as it It becomes available.

Integrated WhatsApp API
Integrated WhatsApp API

“Powered by WhatsApp, make your everyday app an even more convenient tool for daily business communications and relationship building”.

Direct Contact Sharing
Direct Contact Sharing

Make your presence known, with ClearCard your contact will receive an instant contact card to be saved directly to their mobile address book.

How it works

Step 1:

Present your ClearCard for a connection to access your personalised e-business profile. Tap on "Add and Share Contact With".

Step 2:

A connection fills in the relevant fields and taps on "Share my contact". After a quick redirect to WhatsApp, Your business contact will be sent to your connection.

Step 3:

Receive an automated reply from ClearCard on the successful receipt of your contact information by your connection. Your connection's business contact would then be saved to your ClearCard account for future references.

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Instant & Automated Contact Sharing
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e-Business Profile
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Customer Interaction Tracking
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Expandable Customers Engagement Systems

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Customized Chatbots
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